The plan (2020)

Set goals, set plans. It’s time for New Year’s expectation setting.

The plan (2020)

I realize just by writing this and publishing it, I may be negating some of the benefits of keeping my goals secret, but i’m going to explain what I want to do… and then use this to keep score.

Cover Photo: Rodrigo Sarsfield

I did a quick lit review on goal setting on Christmas, and now it’s Dec 30, so I’m ready, officially, to come up with both goals and a plan to achieve them.



  • To be around my family for as long as I can.
  • To set a positive example for my family that you can start something and make your life better whenever you want.
  • To improve my mental health.


  • Before I go to work, I will go to the gym, put on my exercise clothes, and do at least 5 minutes of exercise, but no more than 10.
  • After I exercise, I will shower, shave, brush / floss my teeth, do my hair, put on cologne, take my medicine, and put on clothes which I pre-selected the night before.



  • To operate at peak capacity in home, work, play and spirituality.
  • To give myself a mental health rudder.


  • I will maintain my habit of waking up no earlier than 4:30am, but no later than 6:00am.
  • On Mondays, I will perform a weekly recap / planning session at 6:15am.
  • During my commute, I will read at least 5 pages of a book on my reading list, but not more than 10 pages.


To support these efforts, I’m going to be using one specific tool: Streaks.

Streaks, my habit tracker

On the first page is my list of goals I’m planning to accomplish. On the second are smaller habits, but not really things that make me achieve anything specific. I really want to make the first page happen, and the second are ideal things, but less crucial.

I don’t know how I’ll be reporting progress yet… i’m more concerned with gathering the data and then using that to form a retrospective on Monday. I’ll figure out the best venue for the display later.

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